Template Updates

Online Learning regularly updates the syllabus template to address changes in best practices, updates to institutional policies, and improvements to student resources. Follow this link to the most… Read More


First Week Kit

Reaching out to students before the start of term provides undeniable benefits to teaching and learning. Early communication provides a way for instructors to connect with students, establish… Read More


Student Introductions

Introductory activities in both face-to-face and online courses are not just fun, they set the stage for the coming weeks. Activities like icebreaker discussions for online classes are… Read More


Evaluate Assessments & Feedback

The process of planning your assessment activities and your methods of providing timely, useful feedback will ensure your students get accurate and sustainable feedback on their work. Plan… Read More


Syllabus Content

Develop your Syllabus Content The accessible Blackboard template provided by Online Learning includes a Syllabus Section, which includes files you will need to edit with information specific to… Read More


Syllabus Activities

Develop your Syllabus Activities In addition to the Syllabus pages, your Syllabus Section includes three other elements you’ll need to edit: the Syllabus Quiz, Student Information Survey and… Read More


A Good Syllabus

The most common problems in online courses stem from confusion, and often that can be traced back to students not knowing what to do. We assume our students… Read More


File Management

File management is the process of naming, organizing, and accessing course files, including reading materials, PowerPoint presentations, and videos. In an online environment, file management takes on additional… Read More


Course Schedule

Your course schedule is the first collection of activities students see. You will probably use the Blackboard Calendar tool for due date notifications, but this page of the… Read More