Lightboard Do’s and Dont’s

Here is a quick visual guide to accompany our Lightboard Best Practices just to give you an idea of how to prepare and plan your lightboard session.  Read More


Lightboard Best Practices

We have compiled tips learned through many schools’ trial and errors to spare you the learning curve and to get you making top notch lightboard videos from the start! Use these best practices to plan your lightboard recording sessions… Read More


Basic Editing of Lightboard Videos

Once you’ve made some videos using the lightboard, you will need to edit them before they are ready for students. The following videos refer to Camtasia 9 video… Read More


Caption your Kaltura Videos

All video and audio files must have ADA compliant closed captions. Luckily, we have a simple, fast solution to get approved captions on your media. Create your media… Read More