Grade Entry Using CX Web

Here’s how to report final grades in CX. Blackboard does not automatically submit grades, so you will need to follow these steps to enter your grades at the end of the term… Read More


Where to Grade in Blackboard

Once your students have submitted assignments, completed tests, or participated in discussions, you will need to grade their work. Here are the places you can access the grading… Read More


Navigate the Grade Center

Blackboard’s Grade Center (grade book) is a powerful tool with many useful features. Learn how to navigate, view, understand, customize, and control the grade center. Methods of Entering… Read More


Grading Assignments in Blackboard

This page explains how to open Assignments in order to grade them and how to handle multiple attempts and late assignment submissions. In Blackboard, Assignments refers to documents… Read More


Grading Tests in Blackboard

While Blackboard is able to automatically grade most question types, this page will explain the circumstances that prevent Blackboard from automatically grading tests, and what you can do… Read More


Grading Discussions in Blackboard

Discussions are not able to grade themselves in Blackboard. Instructors plan their time to grade once a discussion deadline has passed. This post explains how to use the… Read More


Rubrics in Blackboard

The Blackboard rubric tool offers a flexible, effective means to evaluate student coursework. Different configurations provide instructors with the ability to design a highly customizable rubric to measure… Read More


Blackboard Annotate

Blackboard Annotate is the much-anticipated update to the Inline Grader. Bb Annotate offers a more robust feature set to provide customizable feedback to students. Support documentation Visit the… Read More