Arrange Your Course List

Before the start of each term, you’ll want to make sure your Blackboard course list is organized to facilitate navigating current and past shells. It’s best to declutter… Read More


Remote Teaching Essentials

The following is an organized collection of resources to help you build your remote course in Blackboard. Get to Know Blackboard Watch the video series about Remote Teaching… Read More


Add a Tool Link to Course Menu

You can add links to Blackboard tools in the course menu. Many instructors use links to discussion boards, Zoom, and so on. Find the process for adding some… Read More


Mapping Your Course Structure

Plan Course Content & Activities One way to begin the work of developing an online class, whether you’ve taught it face to face or not, is to start… Read More


Course Schedule Design

The third item of your syllabus module is the course schedule. This document is designed to present your weekly topics, readings, resources and student deliverables. Instructors have different… Read More


Edit Profile & Password

The first time you log into Blackboard, you’ll want to change your password and set up your profile. Change Password To change your Blackboard password, log into the… Read More


Working With the Attendance Column

In some Blackboard shells, you may see an auto-generated attendance column in the Grade Center. As of this writing, the column is undeletable, but it’s easy to change… Read More