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Remote Teaching Essentials

The following is an organized collection of resources to help you build your remote course in Blackboard.

Get to Know Blackboard

  1. Watch the video series about Remote Teaching in Blackboard. (about 20 min. total)
  2. Log into Blackboard with your MHCC portal username (usually last name and first initial, ex: smithj). The first time you login, use the “Forgot Your Password?” option to set your password.
  3. Add the Remote Teaching course structure to your class.
  4. Get familiar with Blackboard’s Lesson Homepage navigation and some common Blackboard terms.

Build Content in Blackboard

Get Started with Basic Content and Assessments

We recommend mapping your course to help transition your face-to-face content online.

  1. Start managing files with OneDrive
  2. Learn the basics of Assignment and Assessment tools in Blackboard.
  3. As you plan your assessments, these best practices will prove useful:
  4. Create assessments with whichever tools suit your needs.
  5. If your textbook publisher offers additional online resources, consider adding some of those to your course. Here are some tips on using publisher resources.

Watch Recorded Training Sessions

Recordings of previous training session are available. The recordings have been edited and include a basic table of contents.

Add Live Class Sessions and Pre-Recorded Videos

  • Zoom virtual meeting software allows you to meet with your class in real time. Get Started with Zoom
  • Kaltura video recording software lets you record short videos that your students can view any time. Get started with Kaltura

Manage Your Course in Blackboard

  1. Communicating with Students in Blackboard
  2. Due Dates and Visibility Settings
  3. Set up Blackboard Grade Center

Grade Student Work

  1. Key topics about assessment tools and grading in Blackboard
  2. Grade submitted documents with Bb Annotate, the inline assignment grader built into Blackboard
  3. Grading Online Discussions
  4. Working with the Attendance Tool in Blackboard
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