Adding a Course Structure to your Blackboard Shell

This page describes how to add content to a completely empty course shell. Only use these processes for a course shell that is completely empty.

Note: If you have existing Blackboard course content in another shell, you can use the Blackboard Course Copy Process to copy content.

Choose and Download Appropriate Course Package

Choose the course structure that fits your needs:

Add Downloaded Course Package to Blackboard Shell

For this process, you will need to log in to Blackboard and navigate to the course into which you want to import the course package.

  1. Find Import Tool

    1. Go to Packages and Utilities
    2. Select Import Package / View Logs
    3. Select Import Package

      Screenshot of Import Package with instructions
      Go to Packages and Utilities and choose Import Package.
  2. Import the Package

    1. Under the Select a Package heading, click Browse My Computer and locate the course structure .ZIP file you downloaded above.
    2. Select (or file in your downloads location
    3. Under the Select Course Materials heading, click Select All, then Submit
    Screenshot of Import Package configurations and downloads folder
    Browse to your downloads location, choose zip file, select all materials and submit.

  3. Set Permissions

    • In Course Management menu, click Files, then your course ID (the first item in the expanded Files area)
    • At the top of the page, you will see Course Content, followed by your course ID. Click the action link beside the course ID.
    • Choose Permissions in the drop down menu
      Screenshot of action link for permissions
      Select the action link beside the course name.


    • Look for “Student” in list of roles. It will likely NOT be listed in a new course.
    • If “Student” is already listed, confirm students have the Read permission.
    • If “Student” is not listed, click Select Roles, then Institution Roles
      Screenshot of roles
      Look for Student in list of roles, if not there, add by selecting “Institution Roles” .


    • Select 01 Student in left window and click the arrow between windows to move it to the right window.
    • Below, check to select the Read permission, then Submit.

      Screenshot of student role addition to list
      Select student and add to window. Select “read” permission and Submit.


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